StarCat is a tiny company from Tristan and friends. Check out our projects here. β†’

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... who?

StarCat is made up of a close-knit team working on our own aspects of the projects.

Tristan-Founder and do-er of most things, rock climber and OneWheel-er
Jordan-Tristan's better half, audio engineering and video game guru
Keelin-Podcast aficionado and theatre administrator
Rachel-Educator, marketer, Disney fanatic
Nugget, Loki, Inky, & Bean-Our fluffy purring children 🐈

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πŸ‘» Casper Blog Supply-Create your own blog or newsletter and write your own way, powered by the Ghost platform

πŸ“¦ Mystery Box A couple projects currently in stealth, to be posted as time allows. Check back soon! πŸ˜‰

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Tip Jar

If you’re looking for ways to support StarCat above and beyond your existing patronage, consider tossing a few bucks into the tip jar.StarCat is a tiny independent operation, and your support means a lot to us! πŸ’Ÿ

Drop in the tip jar here β†’

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StarCat Policies

There are policies that are meant to go here, they simply have not made the migration to the new site yet. If you have any privacy, terms, DMCA, etc. concerns, holler at and we’ll be happy to assist.Otherwise, please check back soon, we’re working on getting those posted ASAP! Thanks!

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